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New Arrivals at Flower Ave

Our team has been hard at work curating a selection of top-quality cannabis products, and we're thrilled to announce that we've just added some fantastic new products to our collection. Whether you're a fan of edibles, magic mushrooms, or just some good ol' fashioned flower, we've got you covered. And if you're in the DC area, we offer the best weed delivery service around, so you can enjoy your new goodies without ever leaving your home. We're confident that you're going to love what we have to offer. So, without further ado, read on to find out what's new at Flower Ave.

So what's with the formal update?

Frankly, there's just a lot to cover. It isn't all going to fit in our monthly newsletter, so we're taking the time to let you know what's up in a longer post. Below we're diving into all of our new products, how they work, and why you're going to love them.

New Flower

Our flower menu is constantly changing, so keep an eye out on our menu for weekly updates. New to the menu this week is Dulce Ménage and Titty Sprinkles.

Lumpy's Dulce Menage strain on a black background
Lumpy's Dulce Menage at Flower Ave

Lumpy's Dulce Menage is a hybrid strain that offers an impeccable smoking experience, as its flowers burn clean and have a fantastic dynamic flavor profile. Known for its functional, perfect balance of head and body high, it's a go-to for those seeking a happy place. This strain is ideal for a day at the beach, a walk in the hills, or simply enjoying a beautiful day. Additionally, it may be suitable for appetite stimulation or pain or anxiety relief.

Titty Sprinkles is a potent indica made from a cross

Titty Sprinkles cannabis strain on a black background
Titty Sprinkles Strain at Flower Ave

between Grease Monkey and Purple Punch 2.0 strains. Despite its humorous name, this strain offers a super tasty flavor and effects that are perfect for a lazy night at home when a little extra help is needed to get some sleep. Within a few minutes of the final exhale, the high settles in, filling the brain with a heady and lightly weighted sense of happiness. Next comes a tingly sensation that spreads from the brain to the body, inducing a feeling of relaxation.

Introducing New Pre-Roll Collections

Also new to our lineup are Baby Personalz 5-pack pre-rolls, Slab Donutz, and Mini Donutz in a ton of your favorite strains.

Baby Prsnlz is a cannabis brand that offers glass jars full of live-resin-infused pre-rolls. They're small in size but contain premium indoor flowers. Each joint is dipped in live resin, rolled in kief, and has half a gram of the good stuff in each pre-roll. You can enjoy these 5-packs in strains like NYC Diesel, Super Cherry Runtz, and Sour Apple Wowie.

Slab Donutz, on the other hand, is a collaboration between Puff LA and LA Dank Co. They get their name because these massive pre-rolls have a long slab of concentrates rolled into the pre-roll, and when they burn, the concentrate melts and distributes throughout the joint, giving it a donut-like appearance. Each joint contains 1.5 grams of flower in strains like Grape Jelly, Zananaz, and Blow De Coco, as well as a half gram of hash rosin.

Mini Donutz is the same thing, though they're more on the personal side of things. They contain 0.9g of flower and 0.3g of rosin, though the strain and the rosin are different in these versions. For example, the Za Shimee mini contains Za Shimee flower and Sour Papaya rosin.

FRYD Extracts Vape Carts

We have always had a massive selection of vape carts, including Halo, Holy Smokes, Puff LA, KRT, and more. We recently introduced FRYD Extracts to our lineup. Our FRYD carts are premium disposables that contain two grams of distillate infused with live resin terpenes from your favorite strains, including Pink Starburst and Lemonberry Tartz. They aren't rechargeable, but they're made with a high-quality battery, so you're not likely to have leftovers by the time they die.

FRYD Extracts Wild Baja Blast on black background
FRYD Extracts Wild Baja Blast at Flower Ave

New Edible Flavors

We've always had a massive collection of rotating edibles and flavors, including cannaburst gummies, sour punch edibles, and Wonka weed bars. While they're not the newest addition to our lineup, they're still pretty new, so we're including them here.

Introducing Puff LA liquid diamond gummies. These 500mg edible gummies are chock full of THC and are honestly some of the best-tasting gummies on our menu. With flavors like Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade, they taste like real fruit. They don't taste weedy or artificial and kick in quickly.

Puff LA Liquid Diamond Gummies — Blue Raspberry on a black background
Puff LA Liquid Diamond Gummies — Blue Raspberry

Lots of New Shroom Infusions

This is where the majority of our new stuff falls in. We've got one of the largest selections of magic mushrooms for delivery in DC.

We recently got more 4-gram PolkaDot Belgian chocolate bars back in stock, including a ton of new flavors, including Gummy Bear, Cookie Crisp, and Milano. However, we've also got a lot of other great stuff in from Polka Dot, including a magic mushroom shot and their brand-new vegan mushroom gummies.

The nitrogen instant-release shot is fascinating. It can be used for full trips and microdoses and has a super pleasant grape flavor. The whole bottle contains 4 grams of mushrooms, but it's extracted into a high-potency liquid shot for faster onset of effects.

The Polka-Dot Shroom Gummies, on the other hand, are everything you'd want in a mushroom-infused edible. Instead of chocolate, these vegan gummy candies come in flavors like Lychee and Sour Cherry Limeade. Each bag contains 4 grams of mushrooms, and each piece has 0.4g, so they're perfectly sized for both microdoses and full-fledged trips.

Last but not least, we brought in some new stuff from One-Up. One Up Multiverse Bars are a collection of ten new flavors, including Almond Crush and Blueberry Yogurt. These mushroom chocolate bars are not only more delicious than their predecessors, but they are also more potent at 4g per bar. Best of all, the only mushrooms found in these bars are Golden Teachers and Penis Envies. There are no weird varieties, so each piece of the bar tastes and affects you the same way.

There's Always Something New at Flower Ave

Our team at Flower Ave has been working tirelessly to bring you a selection of the finest cannabis and psychedelic mushroom products. Our new offerings include edibles, magic mushrooms, and a variety of new cannabis strains, pre-rolls, and vapes. If you're in the DC area, you'll be happy to know that we offer the best weed delivery service around, so you can get your hands on all of these products without leaving the comfort of your home. Our team takes pride in delivering the best gifts in the I71 and I81-compliant cannabis industry, so order online today to see what's new at Flower Ave.

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