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Lizard King Magic Mushroom Strain Profile and Review

Similar to cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms have various strains with unique benefits. Our latest profile and review features the newest addition to our menu, Lizard King! Read on to learn more about the Lizard King mushroom strain's effects, benefits, and genetics and where you can buy these shrooms in DC.

Lizard King Shrooms: What You Need To Know

Refer to this cheat sheet for a quick overview of Lizard King shrooms.

  • Species: Psilocybe Cubensis

  • Strain: Lizard King

  • Lineage: Unknown

  • Appearance: Medium-sized, tanned on the cap and stem.

  • Potency: Average potency, around 0.3–0.5% combined psilocybin and psilocin.

  • Effects: Especially spiritual and insightful. Not much of a body high is reported, but waves of calm.

  • Potential Medicinal Value: Depression, cluster headaches, anxiety, mood disorders.

What are Lizard King Mushrooms?

The Lizard King strain of Psilocybe cubensis is rare due to its unusual growth on wood rather than decaying matter or dung. Though adaptable to various substrates, it is more susceptible to contamination and produces weaker individual mushrooms. Despite this, it yields dozens of mushrooms per cluster. The strain is named after the anonymous mycologist who discovered it and other Mexicana species in rural Northern Mexico.

However, there are some conflicting stories about where it got its name. While the most common belief is that Lizard King was named after the mycologist who went by the same name, some people argue that it was named in honor of Jim Morrison, who claimed a spiritual connection with lizards. Regardless, they’re potent and tend to be more in the mind than the body.

They contain both psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin, are medium-high potency and are known for a tannish appearance. Lizard King mushrooms tend to grow on long stalks with bulbous, rounded caps that range in shades from tan to brown to amber. Effects include hallucinations, euphoria, and introspection, and may help alleviate anxiety and depression.

Remember that dosage and individual reactions vary greatly; as always, we recommend talking to a doctor before exploring magic mushrooms. They’re not intended to be used to treat or manage any medical condition.

Potential Effects of Lizard King Shrooms

The Lizard King cubensis strain reportedly induces a dreamy and relaxing euphoria, perfect for outdoor adventures with unique visuals. Trip effects include mood and thinking alterations, perception changes, and physical effects such as nausea and poor coordination, but reputedly with fewer physical effects than other P. cubensis strains.

All that is to say that Lizard King is a little different than other strains in the same family. Lizard Kings are less likely to cause a body high outside of a bit of an energetic boost. With its effects mainly in the mind, many users claim they make for potent euphoria with soothing, clean, and calming effects. Many users prefer it as a microdose or light dose because they believe that this strain is easier to enjoy and feel “normal” during the trip.

Though trip experiences vary, creating the right mindset and setting, taking the right dosage, and having a sober trip-sitter can increase the likelihood of a positive experience. Like all mushrooms, Lizard Kings might amplify whatever mood you’re in before you go into the trip, so you might have a great time, or you might have a panic attack. But remember that even a "bad trip" can become a valuable learning experience when approached positively.

Safety measures are crucial, and precautions should be taken before consuming these mushrooms. Make sure you have someone sober with you during your trip, and ensure you start with a low serving at first to see how they affect you.

Lizard King Dosing Guide:

Proper dosing is critical when consuming magic mushrooms, as individual effects and appropriate amounts vary based on age, genetics, weight, and desired experience. Since psilocybin affects each person differently, we highly recommend starting with a low dose and gradually increasing it until you achieve your desired effects.

When deciding on the correct dosage, it helps to keep your goals in mind. If you just want a few light effects, or if you’re brand new to the strain and want to feel them out, start with a microdose of around 0.05-0.5g.

Once that works out, start with a light dose of around 1-2g. You can take as much or as little as you’d like. However, you should always be cautious and avoid consuming more than 3.5 grams, as it can lead to an intense trip that may make you feel anxious, paranoid, or otherwise uncomfortable.

In summary:

  • 0.05-0.5g — microdose

  • 1-2g — light dose

  • 2-3g — recreational dose

  • 3.5-5g — spiritual dose

How To Use Lizard Kings

Lizard King magic mushrooms can be consumed orally, fresh or dried, and mixed with food or tea. Some users create tinctures by soaking the mushrooms in alcohol, while others microdose for potentially cognitive-enhancing effects. Accurately measuring doses is crucial as effects vary, and activities should be planned while under the drug's influence.

Before taking magic mushrooms, you should always talk to a doctor to rule out any potential complications with your current medications, and never mix them with alcohol or other substances that can cause bad interactions.

You should always have a designated trip sitter nearby in case you have an adverse reaction to the mushrooms. It also helps to enjoy shrooms on your day off, even if you’re microdosing. It ensures that you have the time and space to monitor the effects and adjust your dosage as needed. Microdosing can have varying effects on different people, and it's best to explore this when you have the time and flexibility to do so.

Lizard King Strain Review

Recently, we added the highly sought-after strain, Lizard King, to our menu. They are a popular strain due to their moderate potency and well-balanced effects, which many believe to be enlightening, soothing, and spiritual. As with all products on our menu, we sampled them ourselves before offering them to our customers. Our light dose of 1-2 grams produced quick effects, starting with a gentle, energizing effect that transitioned into uplifting and warm cerebral effects. The strain feels very clear and soothing and had us feeling uplifted and happy.

Although we took a light dose, the effects remained potent for approximately three hours before subsiding. Throughout the trip, we felt invigorated and euphoric while also relaxed and giggly. Golden Teachers have a reputation for providing personal inspiration and introspection during the trip, and for us, it led to pleasant conversation and laughter.

It's essential to remember that every trip is unique and individual, and nothing in this article is intended to be used as medical advice or scientific evidence.

Where to buy Lizard King Shrooms in DC

While it’s illegal to buy mushrooms in DC, you can be gifted them for free! If you’re looking to experience the effects of Lizard Kings for yourself, look no further than Flower Avenue— your top source for safely sourced and quality-tested magic mushrooms in Washington, DC. Our Lizard King shrooms are the best in the city, and you can get them for free by purchasing one of our stickers. Rest assured that all of our products are responsibly sourced and delivered in compliance with Initiatives 71 and 81. Contact us today to arrange for pickup or delivery.

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