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Do Mushroom Chocolate Bars Expire?

Ever been given a shroom-infused chocolate bar and completely forgotten about it? You’re not alone. You may be wondering whether or not mushroom chocolates can go bad or lose potency. So, do mushroom chocolate bars expire? Read on to learn more about mushroom chocolate bars and how you can store them safely moving forward.

do mushroom chocolates expire? psilocybin mushrooms on a black background with milk chocolate pieces.

What is a magic mushroom chocolate bar?

A magic mushroom chocolate bar, also known as a mushroom bar or a mushroom candy bar, is an ordinary chocolate bar infused with psilocybin mushrooms. They work much like other edibles; you need to digest them to begin feeling their effects.

Chocolate mushroom bars are often made by infusing chocolate with powdered or extracted psilocybin. The chocolate helps mask the taste of the mushrooms, making it a more palatable way to consume them than eating the mushrooms directly. These bars usually contain measured doses of psilocybin and are fully emulsified, so each piece of chocolate contains a fixed amount of psilocybin. This gives users more control over their experience and the ability to adjust the dosage accordingly.

Eating mushroom chocolate bars will cause you to trip. With that in mind, you should always start with a smaller serving. For example, a One-Up mushroom bar may contain 3.5g of mushrooms within 12 pieces. That comes out to about 0.3g per piece. With that said, if you’re a beginner, you might only want to start with 1-2 pieces at first so you can see how they affect you before taking more. Always start low, and wait 2-3 hours before taking more.

Do mushroom chocolate bars expire?

Everything has a shelf life, including both chocolate and mushrooms. On average, dark chocolate may last up to two years, while milk, white, or ruby chocolate is usually good for one year if they’re stored properly.

However, mushroom chocolate bars may have various expiration dates depending on the type of mushrooms used to make them. For example, chocolate made with fresh mushrooms may only be good for 3-7 days before the mushrooms begin to rot. Chocolates made with dry shrooms, on the other hand, may last up to 18 months before they start to lose potency.

Magic mushrooms may develop bacteria or mold as time goes on if they’re not stored correctly. When they’re infused with chocolate, they’re usually pretty shelf stable since they’re normally made with properly cured, dried mushroom blends. However, you should always check your chocolates for mold. Mold may make you sick, so a good rule of thumb is to throw it out if you’re in doubt.

Another thing to consider is that the longer your shrooms sit, the more potency they lose. While expired shrooms may not be dangerous, they might be less potent.

What is that weird white stuff on my shroom chocolate bar?

If you see some weird chalky white stuff on your mushroom chocolate bar after some time, it’s not usually anything to worry about. Some chocolate bars may have a white substance on the surface after some time, thanks to a sugar bloom, which results in the sugar separating from the chocolate and creating a crystalline or powdery appearance. This usually occurs in cold or moist areas, like the refrigerator.

On the other hand, you may also see some suspicious-looking white blobs on the surface of the chocolate, which may sometimes take on the appearance of mold. In some cases, this might be a fat bloom, which is caused by warmer temperatures melting the fat in the cocoa butter and pooling on the surface. In most cases, it’s still safe to eat, even if it makes the chocolate a bit crumbly.

Remember, if your chocolate is furry, slimy, moldy, or smells weird, just throw it away. While sugar and fat blooms are common in mushroom chocolates, you’ll want to always avoid mold.

the difference between fat blooms and sugar blooms in mushroom chocolate bars. Images on a black background with white waves.

What happens if you eat expired mushroom chocolate?

Like eating anything expired, you may be signing yourself up for a case of stomach upset if you eat expired mushroom chocolate. However, unless the chocolate is visibly moldy or rotting, nothing serious is likely to happen. The major issue with eating old mushroom chocolates is that they lose potency over time.

With that said, you may have to eat more than usual to achieve your desired effects. Ideally, after about 18 months, you’ll want to throw your mushroom chocolate bar away and find yourself a fresh one. While nothing serious might happen other than nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting, you don’t want to bother with a mushroom chocolate bar that won’t make you trip.

How to store mushroom chocolate bars

Storing a mushroom chocolate bar is a lot like storing any other chocolate bar. To prevent sugar or fat blooms and to protect your mushrooms, you’ll want to keep the bars in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Light, oxygen, and extremely warm or cold temperatures can all affect the potency of your mushrooms and the integrity of the chocolate bar itself. It helps to ensure your chocolate bar is wrapped tightly in foil and kept somewhere at room temperature and dark, like a kitchen cabinet or in a drawer or lockbox away from children.

You should try and avoid the fridge since it’s likely to cause a sugar bloom. However, since sugar blooms aren’t harmful, it doesn’t really matter. If you need to store your chocolate long-term, the fridge might be the safest place. Just be sure to cover it tightly in its foil and in a ziplock bag to keep the moisture out.

For extra humid environments, put your chocolates in an airtight container or jar with a silica gel bead packet to help absorb moisture and keep your chocolates fresh. Just try to replace your mushroom chocolates after 18 months to make sure you’re getting the most potency out of your chocolate.

Final thoughts: do mushroom chocolate bars expire?

At the end of the day, mushroom chocolate bars are pretty shelf stable. You can usually keep them for up to two years if stored properly and up to a year if stored improperly. A good rule of thumb is 12-18 months of mushroom chocolate shelf life. Longer than that, and you may be looking at less potency. Always be sure to store your mushroom chocolates in a cool, dark, and dry place away from children for best results. If they get moldy, slimy, or otherwise offputting, just throw them away.

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