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Exotic Strains of Weed in Washington DC: October Roundup

With the days getting shorter and the chill in the air, October is one of the best times of the year to chill out and cozy up at home with a bowl full of the good stuff. If you’re tired of the same old stuff, you’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve got you covered at Flower Ave. Join us as we explore the five most exotic strains of weed in Washington DC. These gems aren't your run-of-the-mill greens; they're the crème de la crème, the top-tier, the extraordinary. Let’s explore what makes these strains truly exceptional.

An exotic weed strain on a table with a purple background and text that reads "exotic weed strains in dc. Top 5 strains in october"

What makes a strain of weed exotic?

So, what exactly makes a weed strain exotic? It's all about the scents, premier genetics, bud quality and structure, flavors, and potency. To put it simply, exotic strains of weed are like a symphony for the senses. They stink, in the way only the truly exceptional strains can, and they taste just as good. They’re also a lot more potent than your standard strains, mostly because they come from a background of quality genetics that give them a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look.

You can always tell an exotic strain of weed from a standard one based on the quality of the buds and their structure. The most exotic strains come from growers who know their genetics, and work to bring out the best possible traits in new strains. The care and consideration growers put into their craft means that they also have harvesting, drying, and curing down to a science. These buds retain a beautiful shape and are covered in a heavy blanket of trichomes, and tend to be on the larger side.

It all comes down to the grower. Let’s face it— we’ve all had some pretty bunk Runtz at some point or another. While Runtz took home countless awards a few years back, it’s a finicky strain that not everyone is capable of bringing the best out of. What makes a strain truly exotic is the genetics, as well as what the grower did to bring out the best possible scents, flavors, and THC/terpene levels.

That said, any strain has the potential to be an exotic strain of weed. But the ones that look, smell, taste, and feel as good as possible are the ones that earn the title.

5 Best Exotic Strains of Weed in Washington DC This Month

Now that we've explored the elements that make these strains truly exotic, let's dive into our top five picks for October. Each one is the pinnacle of quality. Better yet, they’re all available for pickup or delivery at Flower Ave.

1. Pink Mochi

Pink Mochi is a heavy-handed indica hybrid made from a cross between Pink Kush and Mochi Gelato. As you open the bag or grind these bad boys up, the sweet gas, skunky, creamy, gas-tinged, and kushy notes will smack you in the face. This is one of those strains I can smell in the next room, and the flavor is just as loud. The moment it hits your palate, you’re getting all that sharp herbal stuff along with some sweetness and cakelike notes that mellow out the smoke, making it smooth.

Pink Mochi weed strain on a black background
Pink Mochi buds

The effects are no joke, either. This one puts me down, but doesn’t count me out. I get that whole body melt, but I also get an uplifted, giggly headspace that I enjoy whenever I’m hanging out on the couch, watching TV, or playing a game. After puffing on it for a few hours though, it’ll make you sleep. The other night, I smoked this stuff, and I passed out on the couch with my shoes and all the lights on and didn’t wake up until morning. Checking in at a massive 27% THC, along with its impeccable flavors and overall experience, it’s by far one of my favorite strains on the menu this month.

2. Milky Way

New to our menu this month is Milky Way, from Alien Labs. This balanced hybrid is one of my favorites for any time of day, and I see why it gets its name. These buds are completely covered in trichomes, almost to the point where these buds look milky white under the right lighting. They check in around 25% THC, but they’re super rich in terps. Grinding them up brings out the majority of their scents out, which are mainly spicy and herbaceous with a funky sweetness underneath. The flavor is a little more refined, bringing out a sort of earthy mintiness.

Milky Way weed strain on a black background
Milky Way buds

I think this strain is a little more indica leaning, but it’s in no way shape or form a sedative. It comes with a relaxing body high, sure. But most of the effects are in your mind. I like it when I’m feeling anxious or having trouble relaxing since there’s nothing better for relaxing your mind. It’s also super uplifting and upbeat. That said, I can use it to chill out on my own, get things done during the day, or hang out with people even when I don’t want to. Its one of the most exotic strains of weed on the menu this month thanks to its unique terp profile and the insane trichome structure on the buds.

3. Zlush Puppies

Zlush Puppies will take you to Candy Mountain. The scent is insane before you even open the bag, but once you do, your mouth is instantly watering. It’s earthy and weedy, yeah. But it’s sharp and citrusy with sweet and sour tropical notes. The flavor is surprisingly different, being a little gassy and doughy. It makes sense though. Zlush Puppies comes from a cross between Grapefruit Zkittles, Ice Cream Cake, and Gelato #41, so you know there are some bakesale terps in there somewhere.

Zlush Puppies strain on a black background
Zlush Puppies buds

This hybrid is all about uplifting energy. It's like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day, especially with potency somewhere around 26%. Zlush Puppies offers a delightful twist on the classic grapefruit zkittlez, delivering an experience that's pronounced and unforgettable. I like it best during the day, but as a hybrid you really can’t go wrong with it. Regardless, it’s obvious to see what makes it an exotic strain of weed— just look at the picture.

4. Shot Off Gumbo

This strain is the brainchild of Gumbo Brands. Founded by Karim Butler and Alexis Major-Allison, they built this fully black-owned brand to showcase culture and creativity to create community-based wealth. The duo is dedicated to supporting athletes and the black community by offering products that make people’s lives easier and less painful.

Shot Off Gumbo strain on a black background
Shot Off Gumbo buds

Anyway, Shot Off Gumbo is one of the strains in their lineup, but it’s more than just a strain; it's a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting an exceptional experience. Its earthy and sweet on the palette, and offers a really euphoric and stony body mind meld. At the end of the day, it's comforting, and leaves me feeling totally relaxed in my body while simultaneously lifting my spirits. It’s gorgeous, too. Peep those pictures. Great trichome production and coloration, high potency, and incredible flavors make it one of the most exotic strains of weed on our menu.

5. Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon is a sativa-leaning hybrid, born from the union of Cheese Quake and White Widow. Easy on the eyes, it boasts an elegant green hue with hints of purple that catch the eye alongside a thick blanket of those frosty trichomes. But it's not just about appearances; it's the aroma that truly captivates. Classic pine notes dominate, accompanied by hints of citrus and sweetness that intensify with each inhale. When the smoke hit me, I enjoyed the potent head high that's both fast-acting and euphoric. It's like a burst of energy that uplifts your mood without making you feel anxious.

Secret weapon strain on a black background
Secret Weapon buds

As the high unfolds, you may notice a gentle numbness, followed by a wave of soothing relaxation that washes away tension and pain. Checking in around 27% THC, Secret Weapon is indeed one of the most exotic strains of weed in Washington DC thanks to its flavors, lineage, and effects.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for exotic strains of weed in Washington DC, you can’t go wrong with these picks this October. Each one offers a distinct and unforgettable journey for your senses. Whether you're in the mood for relaxation, a cosmic escape, a burst of sweet energy, a creative endeavor, or a hidden treasure, these strains have it all. And remember, all of these exotic weed strains are available for pickup or delivery in Washington DC through Flower Avenue. Call or text us to get pickup or delivery, or just order online. Hurry, though. You don’t want to miss out on these strains!

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