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10 Tips for Hiding Weed Smells in Washington DC

Those who know, know. Not everyone likes the smells emanating from your latest bag of dank weed. Maybe you've got roommates who aren't into the green stuff, or maybe you're just tired of smelling like a dispensary all the time. Whatever the case, weed smell can be a huge issue for your surroundings and air quality. If you're looking for a few ways to prevent weed smells from seeping into the rest of your space, read on to learn a few ways to mask the smell or prevent it from escaping altogether.

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Use stash jars

A loose bag of weed is just plain loud. Sometimes, you don't even have to open it to smell it. The best remedy is to always use odor-proof glass jars to store your weed in. Not only do stash jars protect your weed from drying out, but they also keep the smell in. Use them to protect your stash and minimize odors before you spark up.

Keep air circulating

Whether you employ all these methods or not, you should always keep the air moving in your house to prevent weed smoke from lingering. Something as simple as keeping a window open while you smoke and running the ceiling fan can make a world of difference. However, if you're smoking a lot, you might also want to use oscillating fans in different rooms of your house and run the bathroom fan.

Use air fresheners, like incense or essential oils

Before your sesh, you can start running an essential oil diffuser to help cover smells. The best part is that the terpenes found in essential oils are similar to the ones in cannabis and may also promote chill aromatherapy effects. In the same vein, you can light an incense stick to help cover the smell both during and after your smoke. After the fact, if you're still dealing with troublesome weed smells, you can always use normal air fresheners like Febreeze, wax melts, or candles.

Keep houseplants and run a carbon air filter

There are a ton of natural air-scrubbing house plants out there that can improve ambient air quality inside your home. If you've got a lot of natural light, house plants can help improve the rate that your weed smoke dissipates and disappears. While they're not going to be able to scrub all the smells, they will help with your overall air quality.

Another good thing to do is use a carbon air filter. Carbon absorbs weed odors and pushes out clean, purified air. If you smoke in your home a lot, these work wonders for scrubbing the air. They're also pretty cheap, which is a huge perk. The only downside is that you'll have to replace the filter every so often to make sure it keeps working— especially if you smoke inside a lot.

an array of houseplants

Smoke outside, or just blow your smoke out the window

I know what you're thinking— duh! But one of the best ways to prevent weed smoke from permeating every surface in your home is to just smoke outside. While recreational weed is legal in Washington, DC, you can't smoke it out in the open. However, you're usually good to smoke outside on your own property. That said, just have a little common sense about it. Don't spark up in broad daylight while the neighbors are having a barbeque next door. They might complain or call the cops, which could lead to a fine.

You can also opt for a private balcony, garage, car (as long as it's parked in the driveway), or your yard. If none of those options work for you, try and blow your smoke out of an open window.

Vape or dab instead

While nothing compares to good old-fashioned flower and fire, sometimes cleaner methods are necessary for discretion. Many tabletop and portable vaporizers can vaporize flowers, so you can still get the full experience without the burning smell. Vape pens filled with cannabis concentrates are also a good choice if you don't want to go out and buy a whole dab rig to vaporize concentrates but still experience cleaner vapor with no weed smell. While dabbing is a good option for no aroma and higher potency, it can be expensive to get started with.

Vaporizing still offers all the same effects as smoking real weed, too. Instead of full-fledged combustion with fire, vaporizers decarboxylate your weed without the combustion, delivering cleaner vapor and virtually no odor. Many people who switch from bowls or bongs find the high a bit cleaner with a vaporizer, too. Since there's no smoke, vaporized flowers will dissipate in a room almost instantly, leaving behind no odor.

Make a sploof or use a Smoke Buddy

Sploofs are OG Stoner tech that you can make at home. Just take an empty toilet paper tube and attach a dryer sheet to the end with a hair tie or a rubber band. As you exhale your smoke, direct it into the tube. It'll come out on the other side smelling like clean laundry instead of stinky weed smoke.

If you don't feel like making your own, Smoke Buddy makes a more refined sploof. Made from hard plastic, it utilizes a filter that you can use about 300 times before you need to replace it. However, that's practically a lifetime compared to the DIY version, which you'll want to replace after each session. Smoke Buddy is also small and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Avoid smoking continuous burners

Some smoking methods are stinkier than others. For example, blunts and joints burn continuously throughout your sesh. Since you can't inhale all of the smoke from these mediums to blow out a window or into a sploof, a lot of that smoke will sit in your room and linger. The best thing to do is stick to bongs and bowls that you can inhale fully and blow out the window or into a sploof. As we mentioned, you can also use a vaporizer instead to avoid smoke altogether.

man in checkered shirt holding a cannabis weed pipe

Cook or clean something

A great way to get weed smoke out of your house is to tidy up. Running a load of laundry is a simple way to help cover up the odor, as is mopping your floor or running the vacuum and lighting a candle.

You can also throw something into a slow cooker to simmer for a few hours. If all else fails and you need to get the smell out of your house with a quickness, lightly burn some popcorn. It's not exactly a good smell, but it's innocent enough and overpowers pretty much everything. Lightly burnt popcorn is still edible, too.

Avoid smelling like weed yourself

The last thing you should consider is how you might be stinking up the place. Weed smoke has a tendency to stick to your skin, hair, and clothes. If you want to keep the air quality in your house good, try and keep the smells at bay yourself. You don't have to take a shower every time you smoke, but you should always wash your hands after a sesh. You can spray your clothes down with Febreeze and chew gum to keep the smell off your breath.

Final Thoughts: How to Mask Weed Smells

At the end of the day, if you just utilize a couple of these tips, you shouldn't have to worry too much about weed smells. If you're a light smoker, simple masking techniques are more than enough to keep your smoking habits on the down low. However, if you're hotboxing your tiny place every day, you'll want to utilize most of these tips and keep the air moving in your home for the best results. In the meantime, if you're ready to stink up the place, you can count on Flower Ave to bring you the best flower in Washington DC.

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Trinity Baker
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J Majors
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Helpful hints that most smokers should already

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