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6 Essential Stoner Flicks To Amplify Your High

Settling in for a quiet evening on the couch tonight? Grab your favorite strain and your finest munchies and kick back with one of the top five funniest movies to watch while stoned.

6 of the best movies for stoners of all time

  1. This is the End — 2013 (Amazon Prime, Free with Ads) This is the End is an essential stoner comedy featuring all of your favorite 420-friendly celebrities playing themselves. It takes place in Los Angeles before and during the apocalypse, featuring dozens of famous faces. During a house party hosted by James Franco, several events unfold that destroy the city. A handful of survivors, including Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and Danny Mcbride, barricade themselves in the home and are forced to face the apocalypse and each other. It makes it to number one on this list for its nonstop laughs and prevalent weed references, as well as a refreshing take on comedy movies.

  2. Airplane! — 1980 (HBO Max) Airplane! is one of the funniest movies ever made. It makes it to number two on this list for its fast-paced wit and nonstop prop comedy bits that are a real feast for the eyes when you're under the influence of the green. Airplane! is a spoof film, so the plot doesn't matter much. But more or less, it's about a guy with a fear of flying who has to save the day when the pilot and flight crew come down with food poisoning. It's an excellent choice for fans of movies like Top Secret, Kung Pow, and Hot Shots.

  3. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny — 2006 (Rent or Buy only) Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny is a good goofy movie for music lovers and anyone who enjoys a good comedy under the influence. The movie follows Kyle Glass and Jack Black as two wannabe rockstars with nothing really going for them, until they go out on a quest to become legendary rockstars by stealing a fabled guitar pick from a Rock and Roll museum. It makes it to number three on the list for its fast-paced comedy bits blended with engaging music and unmatched energy from the stars.

  4. Step Brothers — 2008 (Peacock) Step Brothers, starring Will Farrel and John C. Reily, is a movie about two 40-year-old man-children who live at home with their parents. After their parents marry, they become stepbrothers and must live under the same roof. After turbulent beginnings, the two become friends but are forced to grow up when their dad/stepdad gives them 30 days to find jobs or risk being evicted. It makes it to number four on this list thanks to its raunchy, late-night humor and unique plot. Plus, it's easily one of the most quotable movies of all time.

  5. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil — 2010 (Tubi, Vudu, Peacock, Roku) Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is an incredible comedy with a horror twist. Even though it isn't a traditional comedy, it still makes it to number five on this list because it's frankly a crowd-pleaser no matter where you go. In this one, two rednecks are headed to their vacation cabin in the woods when they run into some college kids who think they're going to be the chainsaw-wielding serial murderers. But this one is a little twisty, and definitely worth a watch if you're into horror, comedy, bromance, and realistic props.

  6. Half Baked — 1998 (Amazon Prime) Half Baked is one of those movies that makes it onto every 420 movie list, but for good reason. Starring Dave Chappelle, it has all of the makings of a stoner flick and plenty of nonstop comedy to back it up. After feeding an NYPD police horse enough junk food to kill it, three friends are forced to raise bail money to get their friend out. They come up with a scheme to steal weed and sell it, but they'd do anything for a friend.

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jacob robbert
jacob robbert
Apr 14, 2023

Tucker and dale is definitely one of my top 3 high movies to watch rn

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