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August Giveaway: Win A Complete Dab Setup

There's nothing more stressful than piecing together all of the working parts for a complete dabbing setup. This month, we've got you covered. In August, we're giving away a complete dab setup with everything you need to get dabbing, including the wax for the low price of free when you enter and win. Here's the full scoop:

Yo Dabba Dabba Swiss Dab Rig Set on a black background with test that reads: August Giveaway: Win a Complete Dab Rig Setup
Image Courtesy of Yo Dabba Dabba

Congrats To Our July Winner

Last month we gave away the PAX Plus dual-use vaporizer, and our winner T.B. is taking it home. Big congratulations to them, and a special thanks to everyone else who entered last month.

As always, if you're still waiting to take home one of our giveaways, you're in luck. August is brining the heat, and you'll get five bonus entries this month if you played last month with our loyalty bonus.

There are so many ways to enter. Don't forget to track down the Secret Codes found in our emails, listings, and socials. Secret Codes can be used to get bonus entries into our giveaway, which increase your odds of taking the grand prize home. This month, you can find a few on 420DC, Instagram, and our website. You should definitely subscribe to our email list, too. New subscribers get 5% off, and are the first to know about new product drops, exclusive sales, and extra Secret Codes.

August Giveaway: Win a Complete Dab Rig Setup + a Gram of Wax

There's nothing worse than trying to piece together a Frankenstein dab rig setup and pay those hefty headshop prices— especially if you're new to dabbing and not totally sure what to look for. That's why this month we're giving away a complete dab rig setup that comes complete with everything you need to enjoy a smooth, flavorful sesh with a gram of our finest concentrates.

This month we're working with our friends at Yo Dabba Dabba to offer you a complete dab rig kit that comes complete with a rig itself, a quartz banger, terp pearls, a carb cap, and other essentials. We're also throwing in a dabber dock that allows you to conveniently store and hold all of your accessories when they're not in use to prevent dab messes and keep your station clean and accessible. All you really need at the end of this is a torch. Here's a breakdown of everything inside and how it works:

Yo Dabba Dabba's Swiss Dab Rig:

Swiss is an 8" dab rig, which is the perfect size for amplifying flavors from your concentrates and for taking with you on the go. It has a heavy, wide base for table stability, and an angled mouthpiece that allows you to sip it while sitting at the table. Under the hood is their proprietary disc percolator, which has great bubble action and gently cools your vapor without sacrificing flavor. Swiss is a great little rig for both function and form, offering smooth, flavorful hits in a clean package.

Auto-Spinner Nail:

An auto-spinner nail has two small holes pre-drilled into the quartz, making it possible to use with carb caps without airflow and still spin those terp pearls. The included auto-spinner is made of quartz and has a seamless joint so it holds up to heat and stress well. This banger style is one of the easiest to use, especially with the included terp pearls.

Terp Pearls:

Terp pearls are little quartz beads that you heat up with your nail. They spin as you inhale from the rig, which provides better heat distribution throughout the nail for bigger hits, minimal wastage, and better flavors. Coupled with the auto-spinner nail, the suction from your inhale spins them throughout your dab, helping to fully vaporize them even at low temperatures.

Carb Cap:

While all dab rigs need a carb cap to help improve airflow through the nail and rig, the included cap in this bundle is a sphere cap with a pretty honeycomb design throughout. The sphere cap is like a marble that sits on top of the auto-spinner nail, creating optimal airflow for spinning those terp pearls and getting a good, flavorful hit without having to worry about twisting the cap itself to control the airflow direction.


This bundle also comes with a glass cap stand to make sure your sphere cap doesn't roll away when you're not using it, and a spatula dab tool that can be used for most concentrates. While it's especially great for wax, you can also use it with shatter, diamonds, and resins.

Dabber Dock:

The Isoplex is a dab station made from easy to clean and heat resistant silicone. It has suction cup design that holds it firmly to your table to keep it in place. You can use it to store your extra caps, nails, and accessories when they're not in use, which helps you reduce clutter and keep your station clean. It also has compartments for cotton swabs and a refillable isopropyl alcohol container with a funnel and a lid to help you keep up with your rig and nail hygiene before and after your dabs. It's a nice little organization tool that keeps everything you need all in once place.

Bubblegum Biscotti Wax:

You get a free gram of our Bubblegum Biscotti wax with your other prizes. This crumbly wax works perfectly with everything we mentioned above, and is great for low temp dabs or cold starting. This delicious hybrid strain offers a mouth-watering aroma of sweet bubblegum with floral undertones. It tasyes a lot like fruit stripes gum, berries, and hints of vanilla. It's great for its potent euphoric effects that'll leave you feeling both upbeat and mellow.

Prize List

While we went into everything more in-depth in the last section, here's everything you're getting in our August giveaway bundle.

  • ​Swiss Dab Rig

  • 1 auto spinner nail

  • 2 quartz terp pearls

  • 1 honeycomb sphere cap

  • 1 glass cap stand

  • 1 versatile spatula dab tool

  • A gram of our favorite wax to use with it

  • 1 dabber dock

  • And some exclusive Flower Ave merch

Basically, all you need outside of all of this bundle to get dabbing is a torch, some cotton swabs, and some isopropyl alcohol.

How to Enter and Win

To enter and win you gotta be 21 or older with a valid ID in compliance with Washington DC Initiative 71. To put your name into the ring, just fill out the form below. Don't forget, you'll get a free entry if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, and use our secret codes found on 420DC, Instagram, or our monthly newsletter. You can also get free bonus entries when you check back and hit the daily bonus button.

P.S.— Your Secret Code is “DABSURD”

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