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Enter Our August Giveaway To Win A Trippy pack

It's that time of the month again, folks. We're excited to announce our next giveaway running from now through the end of August. In July, we gave away a 420 party box packed with products for the average every day week in DC. But this month we've got a curated pack suited best for the free thinkers and psychonauts. Here's everything you need to know.

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Congratulations Are In Order

First of all, we wanted to thank everyone who checked out our giveaway last month. Our July giveaway was the very first giveaway we've ever ran, so there were still quite a few kinks to work out. Nonetheless, all nine of our original contacts played, and one of them walked away with the prize. Congratulations again to J.L.! We hope you play again this month!

If you played last month but didn't win, have no fear. There are a lot of new options available in this month's entry form for you to use to toss your name in a few extra times. In fact, next month there will be a loyalty bonus. If you enter this month's giveaway, you'll get five bonus entries for next month's giveaway, which boosts your odds.

We use Gleam to help us run giveaway campaigns, and at the end of the entry period, it randomly selects a name for us. That said, it's conducted fairly, and we're hoping you like the interface. If you played last month, you'll notice that there are a couple of new options in there— including a secret code.

Secret codes are delivered in our monthly newsletter, and you can use them to get two free additional entries into the giveaway. With that said, you're going to want to subscribe as soon as possible, if you're not already, so that you can get the bonuses delivered straight to your inbox every month.

There's a lot of other cool stuff in our monthly email, too. You'll get a coupon and the full scoop on all things Flower Ave, including things like new product drops, sale info, and a couple of our best blog posts to keep you in the loop. Visit our home page to get started.

August Giveaway: The Details

With that out of the way, let's dive into the meat and potatoes. Our August Giveaway is psychedelic in nature, and we're bringing you $500 worth of products that might support every aspect of your human experience.

Our Trippy Pack is a big box of stuff designed to help you connect with yourself, with nature, and the people around you. Inside, you'll find an ounce of our finest top-shelf flower, a vape cart from each of the brands we carry, and a full ounce of mushrooms.

We chose these items because, according to recent research, cannabis and psychedelics go hand in hand. From surveys collected by the Imperial College in London, evidence suggests that cannabis and psychedelics like psilocybin increase the intensity of the trip and make for more mystical experiences, including ego-death and insane visuals.

According to the study, the more weed you smoke, the more intense your psychedelics feel— which is why there's more weed in our trippy pack than shrooms. Interestingly, more people reported that if they smoked more cannabis while under the influence of psychedelics, they had more challenging experiences.

So we challenge you to have that challenging experience. We believe in the power of psilocybin as a therapeutic teacher, and we challenge you to explore yourself, recognize your emotions, and face them. Deep, interpersonal sessions between you and your loved ones forge connections, and the world could use a little more unspoken understanding.

Remember, there's no such thing as a bad trip— just the occasional hard one. Be safe, but go deeper with our free trippy pack. Inside you'll find:

  • An ounce of top-shelf flower

  • An ounce of shrooms

  • 1 KRT cart

  • 1 Muha Meds cart

  • 1 Puff LA cart

  • 1 Halo cart

  • 1 Big Chief cart

The giveaway will run from today until August 31st, so get in there and enter! On the 31st, a winner will be randomly selected, and we'll shoot them an email to coordinate pickup.

Giveaway Rules

Even though it's listed in the form itself, there are a couple of rules you need to know about before entering.

  1. You need to be 21 or older to enter and win. If you're not 21 or older, we can't gift you anything, and we'll have to discard your entry and draw a new name.

  2. You must be in Washington DC. We are fully compliant with DC Initiatives 71 and 81, so we can't serve outside the DC metro area.

  3. You'll need a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

  4. Giveaway items can only be picked up. We don't offer delivery on giveaway items.

  5. You must have a valid 21+ ID upon pickup if you win.

  6. We will email you and ask you for a selfie with your photo ID to coordinate pickup. It helps if you add to your contacts list to make sure we don't end up in your spam folder!

How To Enter and Win

There are seven different ways to enter our monthly giveaway this month. You'll get a free entry if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, use our secret code, answer our poll, or comment on this blog post. You can also get free bonus entries when you check back and hit the daily bonus button. You can enter using the form below, or feel free to head to our giveaway page for more details. Best of luck, and have a great week!

Have a great August, and stay cool out there. Good luck!

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