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4 (Good) Ways to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Valentine’s Day This Year

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to love, conversation hearts, and the color pink. If you make up one-half of a stoner couple, you may be wondering how to incorporate cannabis into your Valentine’s Day. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis and its relationship with love, as well as a few ways to enjoy it with your partner this February.

Cannabis and Valentine's Day by Flower Avenue DC

Why people use cannabis on Valentine’s Day

There are many reasons to incorporate cannabis into your Valentine’s Day festivities. THC does a lot of good things for the mind and body, opening many different doors to our various states of self.

For starters, many couples agree that using cannabis improves intimacy. It streamlines a way to feel comfortable in your relationships and makes for tender moments where both parties can swing wildly from dying of laughter to making out to talking about the hard stuff all couples have to talk about. It also makes it easier for most people to have more heartfelt conversations about emotions and how they feel. Plain and simple, cannabis brings people closer together.

However, aside from this emotional aspect, many couples agree that cannabis helps make the awkward parts of romance a little less awkward. It’s easier to laugh it off or to connect deeper with your partner when cannabis is in the mix rather than feel insecure or uncomfortable, especially in a sexual sense. Cannabis helps us see our partners and ourselves for who we really are and be okay with it. That said. there’s a reason the sentiment “couples who smoke together stay together” exists. It’s because it’s true!

Cannabis also takes on an intense role in the bedroom. While it nurtures the emotional aspects of romance with clothes on, it also makes it easier for couples to release their inhibitions and just enjoy each other in a physical sense. When you step outside of yourself for a moment, you’ll find it easier to participate in things in the bedroom that you might be uncomfortable bringing up to your partner when you’re not high. And if your partner has used cannabis too, they’ll be more likely to be receptive and able to communicate their own desires, creating a more dynamic sexual environment as well as an emotionally secure one.

To take that one a step further, just about everyone agrees that cannabis makes sex feel better. The cannabinoids found in cannabis are known for soothing aches and pains and relaxing muscles as well as relieving stress. Combined with the mental effects, sex can feel so much more involved and tantric when cannabis is in the mix. Your skin feels more sensitive to the touch, your body is relaxed, and there’s nothing to do except enjoy it.

4 Great Ways To Include Cannabis in Your Valentine's Day

Overall, cannabis and romance go hand in hand. Below, we’ve outlined four ways to incorporate it into your Valentine’s Day this year.

  • Try cannabis-infused chocolates — If you’re looking for a light way to enjoy cannabis without smoking, try cannabis-infused chocolate! Edibles take up to 45 minutes to kick in, so you can make it through your date together and into act 2 before they kick in. Chocolates themselves are considered an aphrodisiac, though as THC becomes more popular, we’re seeing it become one in the same. Best of all, some cannabis chocolates are made with other sensual ingredients like pomegranate, almonds, figs, Tongkat Ali, and other natural aphrodisiacs designed to make you more aroused and last longer in the sack.

  • Use THC-infused topicals to set the mood — Nothing beats a good candle-lit bath with your partner. Topical THC is absorbed through the skin and is designed to relax the body deeply without altering your mentality or causing you to feel high. Try a THC-infused bath bomb to set the mood. And when you get out, try some THC or CBD infused massage oil, to take the whole body relaxation a setp further. In some places, you can even find THC-infused lubricants, which help relax the muscles within the body of both men and women without sacrificing performance. The best part about topicals is that they feel really great physically but won’t make you feel stoned or too tired to enjoy your valentine.

  • Pick a THC/CBD strain to get the fire started — If you and your valentine already smoke together, you’ll know what works best for you. If you don’t though and are looking for a few strains to explore, just remember to start with a puff or two after your bath so you don’t start feeling paranoid or uncomfortable. Some of the best strains for nice, relaxed, and tantric v-day sexytime include indicas like Trainwreck or Blue Cheese. If you’re more experienced and looking to just go wild, try some sativas like Green Crack or Sour Diesel for their energy-boosting effects. If you and your partner are looking for something more in the middle, you can’t go wrong with Blue Dream or Wedding Cake.

  • Give the gift of weed on Valentine’s Day — Let’s face it. If your honey is a stoner, the idea of chocolates, cards, and flowers might be a little bit played out. If you want to give them something special, go for something they might actually need or use! You can never go wrong with smoke essentials or a bouquet of their favorite munchies. You can also splurge a little on fancy vapes, or full-spectrum rosin concentrates. You can always get something you can use together, too, like a couples cannabis retreat.

All in all, Valentine’s Day is a very special day for you and that special someone in your life. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make a stoner relationship that much more intense, so try infusing some of your own products and watch the magic happen! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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