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10 Great New Year’s Resolutions for Cannabis Aficionados

We’re fast approaching the end of the holiday season with about 10 days of 2022 left in the year. If you’re looking for a few great ways to mentally prepare for 2023, you can’t go wrong with these 420-friendly New Year's resolutions. Each one will help you curb your habits, expand your horizons, and get more involved with cannabis culture. Here’s everything you need to know.

10 new years resolutions for people in washington dc. photo of the us capitol building skyline with new years eve fireworks above.

1. Try your hand at cooking with cannabis

Everyone wants to take up cooking as a resolution. But that’s okay, as a cannabis aficionado, you can explore the unique nuances of cooking with both THC and CBD in style. If you’ve already exhausted your latest cookbook or internet series, it’s time to start experimenting with cannabis. The cool part is, you can infuse cannabis with practically everything from barbeque sauce to cocktails and salads, all without the hashy taste if you take some time to learn the ins and outs. Best of all, it’s a lot of fun, and you can rely on tools like the Magical Butter machine or the dosage calculator to make sure your tasty treats taste great and hit your sweet spot when it comes to dosage and serving size.

2. Try new strains whenever you can

Variety is the spice of life, and there’s a lot of weed out there to explore. A good rule of thumb for the upcoming new year is to try a new strain every time you re-up at Flower Ave DC. You can explore all the different flavors, effects, and medicinal properties of at least 52 new cannabis strains if you try one new one every week. You can even turn smoking weed into a new hobby by utilizing a journal to document how the strain looked, felt, smelled, and tasted for your own personal records. Who knows, maybe you just haven’t found your perfect strain yet.

3. Try 420-friendly activities alone and with groups

Weed brings people together, and a lot of activities are plain and simply more fun when you throw a little bit of weed into the mix. Luckily as cannabis legalization continues to spread like wildfire, there are so many avenues of cannabis education, exploration, and tourism to explore. You can go from something as simple as a puff, pass, and paint at your own home or take a cannabis tour through your favorite 420-friendly city. Whether you go it alone or with a group, cannabis helps with creativity, productivity, connection, and so much more. So try new things, and make sure to keep your hash pen on you!

4. Set regular tolerance breaks to keep your head straight

If you find yourself smoking quite a lot, it might be time to consider introducing tolerance breaks to your fresh new year. Tolerance breaks can help you get the most out of your cannabis products, and taking one every season for up to a week is a great way to ensure you get higher and save money. However, keep in mind that maybe the T-break you need is just a different product. Our bodies metabolize flower differently from vape carts or edibles, so if you're primarily an edible user, try flower and vice versa.

5. Stop pocketing lighters, seriously.

If you’re not looking to do something insanely groundbreaking but something that will without a doubt make you feel better, make a resolution to stop being a lighter thief! We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another, but if you find yourself leaving home with one lighter and returning home with four more often than not, it’s time to reevaluate your life a bit. Double-check your pockets before you head out and make sure you haven’t stolen anything. This is a great resolution that is attainable and can make your friends happier to spend time with you.

6. Break the stereotypes

There’s still an unfortunate stereotype surrounding cannabis use. However, hundreds of thousands of successful people smoke weed. If you want to advocate more for the culture and the community this year, make your new year’s resolution to educate yourself on this history of cannabis and the war on drugs, and get out there and advocate. Cannabis users aren’t lazy or paranoid, they’re smart and healthy! Resolve to educate and empower the community, and break the stereotype by logging some volunteer hours or telling your story.

7. Explore new ways to get high

If you’ve stuck to smoking flower your whole life, maybe 2022 is the year for you to resolve to explore all of your other options. There are so many ways to enjoy and share cannabis these days, and hundreds of products to suit every person’s tastes. If you like smoking, try dabbing or vaping! More importantly, if you like weed, you might want to try microdosing magic mushrooms.

8. Learn to roll joints like a professional

Learning something new is always at the top of the list of exciting New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve wanted to learn how to roll a joint without the use of a rolling machine, it’s time to explore the technique. After a little bit of practice, you’ll be everyone’s go-to joint roller! Best of all, there are so many DIY videos and articles out there to explore to give you a step-by-step process and teach you how to roll everything from a classic joint to an extreme party joint in the shape of crosses or roses.

9. Eat healthier munchies

Everyone wants to look and feel better when welcoming the New Year. One great resolution is to make a small effort to eat a little healthier, especially when the munchies overtake you. If you’ve caught yourself eating an entire sleeve of Oreos or downing a whole bag of Doritos after a few bong rips, try opting for something a little healthier. Fruit, for example, can actually amplify your high and is naturally lower in calories and processed fats or sugars.

10. Stop smoking resin

It’s almost 2023, guys. It’s time to stop smoking resin. If you still smoke resin, please leave that habit here in 2022. Not only is it super bad for you, but it’s mostly tar and only really gets you high because it’s killing your brain cells. Seriously— stop doing it. Even when you’re completely dankrupt. This resolution fits into living a healthier lifestyle, trying new things, or breaking out of bad habits. Regardless of how you squeeze it into your resolutions this year, please, stop.

So there you have it! A handful of great New Year’s resolutions for any 420-friendly person here in Washington DC. If you’re ready to explore different ways to break cannabis stereotypes or participate in cultural and educational activities, and shop for only the best weed in DC, look no further than Flower Ave.

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