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420 Deals Are Live at Flower Ave

420 Deals have landed at Flower Ave. From now through Sunday, April 21st at EOD, you can place your order and get your deals. Here's everything you need to know.

a building with a clock that says 4:20

420 Deals on Cannabis Products in Washington DC

Let's get right into it. This year, everything's on sale. 4/20 is the biggest holiday of the year, so I hope you're ready. We're offering:


  • Get a FREE gift when you spend over $200

  • Take $25 off ANY oz on the menu

  • Kaws moonrocks: Save 30% and get an 1/8th for $35 or an ounce for $210

  • White Label moonrocks: Save 40% and get an 1/8th for $24 or an ounce for $150

  • Donate for 3 vapes, get another one of equal value for free (Use promo code "420VAPE")

  • Choose 5 edibles (mix and match) get $25 off

  • Take $25 off all mushroom ounces

How it works

All of our coupons are set to apply automatically in your cart/checkout.

The only exception is our buy-3-get-one-free vape deal, which you'll have to apply manually using promo code “420VAPE”

As for your free gift and $25 discounts on all flower ounces, we'll take care of that when we see you. Feel free to call or text us at 240-794-8158 with any questions.

Have a happy 4/20— we'll see you soon!

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