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Tidal Wave Shrooms Strain Profile

Just like cannabis, there are tons of different magic mushroom strains out there— and each one offers its own effects and potential therapeutic properties. This week we’re talking about Tidal Waves, which took home the Psilocybin Cup last year for highest potency. Read on to learn more about Tidal Wave shrooms effects, benefits, effects, and genetics in this all-encompassing profile and review.

psilocybin magic mushrooms on a black background with text that reads tidal wave shrooms strain profile

Tidal Waves, At A Glance

If you’re just here for a general overview of the Tidal Wave shroom profile, check out this cheat sheet:

Species: Psilocybe cubensis

Strain (AKA phenotype): Tidal Wave

Lineage: Penis Envy X B+

Appearance: Thick, white bodies with tightly packed gills, similar to Penis Envies. Orange to amber caps, similar to B-Positives.

Potency: Extremely Potent; ~3.82% psilocybin and tryptamine.

Effects: Euphoria, mental clarity, and in high doses, intense visual hallucinations. More in the mind than in the body.

Potential Medicinal Value: Depression, cluster headaches, anxiety, mood disorders.

Dosing Guide:

0.05-0.5g — microdose

1-2g — light dose

2-3g — recreational dose

3-5g — spiritual dose

What are Tidal Wave Shrooms?

Tidal waves are a strain of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. When you think about mushrooms, they all have one set of DNA. So when we talk about specific strains, we’re referring to a phenotype of a specific species. In this case, Tidal Waves are a phenotype (or strain) of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, which come in a different color and size than the standard sort and offer higher than average potency.

Tidal Waves are a cross between Penis Envy and B+ strains, which both come from the psilocybe cubensis family. Odds are you’ve heard of both of them if you’ve been enjoying mushrooms for a while. Penis Envies are one of the most popular strains of shrooms available, along with others like Golden Teachers.

Visually, Tidal Waves look a little intimidating. These squat, thick mushrooms showcase a long, white and yellow body with densely packed gills. The caps are both flat and rounded and range in shades of orange to dark amber in color after the drying process. Another interesting feature is that Tidal Waves sometimes grow a little white puffball on top of the caps, which you can see the remnants of after the curing process.

Alongside their menacing look comes unmatched potency, which tends to be stronger than Penis Envies. Penis Envies were the world champs before Tidal Waves came along, as they were believed to have up to 100% more psilocybin than average mushroom strains. Tidal Waves are somehow even more intense.

The potency of Tidal Waves led it to take home first place in The Psilocybin Cup in 2021, hosted by Oakland Hyphae. The cup exists much like Cannabis Cup initially did— to better understand shrooms so that the public can use them safely and make the most of their potential therapeutic effects.

Tidal Wave magic mushroom strain on a black background

Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom Effects

Tidal Waves are very visual, much like Penis Envies. In high doses, they bring on intense visual hallucinations, but a strong sense of euphoria accompanies each trip. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that they’re very clear-headed, meaning that you might feel more mental clarity and positivity with microdoses.

That’s not to say that every trip will be perfect, though. Always remember to have a sober trip sitter with you when you explore mushrooms and make sure you’re in a good mental state with plenty of things to explore or do, and only trip in a safe, comfortable place. Set, setting, and safety are vital to having a positive mushroom trip.

Tidal Waves may also get their name from the cool rush of the feel-good body buzz they offer. They may make you feel a little tingly, but these effects usually wear off as you begin peaking. Tidal Waves are more in the mind than in the body, but the mix of effects may offer a unique experience whether you’re microdosing or melting face.

Because of these effects, people are exploring Tidal Waves for potential therapeutic purposes. For example, elevated levels of psilocybin may be helpful for depression and anxiety. Evidence also suggests that psilocybin may play a role in reducing the frequency of cluster headaches or the cravings you experience for vices like alcohol and nicotine.

However, more people are enjoying the potential feel-good sensations for low moods. Microdosing tidal waves may be helpful for anxiety, depression, low moods, and anxiety.

Tidal Wave Dosing Guide

When it comes to shrooms, dosing is everything. But there’s really no one-size approach like there is for other substances. Your age, genetics, weight, and the type of experience you want to have with mushrooms all play a role in how much you should take. Psilocybin affects everyone differently, so you’ll want to start low and go slow your first time around. It also really helps to think about your goals. Do you want to experience a full-fledged trip, or are you just looking for a mood boost?

If you want to trip, start with half of a gram to one whole gram. After you’ve been tripping for an hour, you can decide on your own if you want to take more. But like weed edibles, you can always eat more. You can’t, however, eat less. So to save yourself from potential stress, start small and work your way up until you find your desired effects. Just keep in mind, you will be tripping ass around 3.5 grams. If you want a really spiritual trip, you can eat up to 5 though it’s definitely not recommended for first-timers.

However, if you don’t want to trip, you can microdose Tidal Wave shrooms. A microdose is a tiny dose that won’t make you trip but may still benefit you if you’re looking for a mood or energy boost. A microdose is anywhere from 0.05 to 0.5g. Always start with the smallest possible amount and work your way up until you achieve your desired effects. Remember, with microdosing, you don’t really want to feel it enough to trip. You just want to feel the mood boost without the impairment, so less is more.

To recap:

0.05-0.5g — microdose

1-2g — light dose

2-3g — recreational dose

3.5-5g — spiritual dose

Tidal Wave magic mushroom strain on a black background

How to Use Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

Using mushrooms is pretty easy, but there are a few things you should know. For starters, you always want to measure your doses so you can accurately determine how much you’re comfortable taking. You should also take care to plan a few activities while you’re tripping, like playing a game, watching a TV show, going for a walk in your backyard, listening to music, making art, and so on. You should have a trip sitter nearby, too.

To take mushrooms, you can eat them as they are or put them on a slice of pizza or in between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you’d like, you can also grind them up in a coffee grinder and make them into tea or mix them into other beverages.

If you’re microdosing, it helps to take them on a weekend when you don’t have work to do to see how they affect you. You may need to increase or decrease your microdose, and it’s best to explore that when you have nothing else going on. Once you find your ideal dose, many microdosers make their mushrooms into capsules using a pill press to make sure they get a consistent dose that they can take daily, like a supplement. Microdosers can also brew their dose into tea, eat them as is, or mix them into other foods and beverages.

Tidal Wave Mushrooms Review

We got our hands on a bit of Tidal Waves not too long ago, and we were immediately impressed by their shape and structure. They have a pretty distinct aroma to them, too. These things stink, in the best of ways. But like everything else we get, we sample before we gift. We had the pleasure of eating a gram or two of these things and sitting back to watch a concert from the comfort of our living room. And as the other reviews all over the web claim, they’re uplifting and inspiring. These made for pleasant conversation and laughter alongside an overall jolly, upbeat vibe.

They definitely feel more intense than the Penis Envies we have, so if you’re looking for a psychedelic experience, the headrush of positivity and euphoria is one you won’t want to miss. The tingly body high and the euphoric effects were excellent. Just keep in mind that we tripped lightly. We didn’t go all out, so we’re not sure how they feel in higher doses. As for microdosing, even a fraction of what we experienced would be considered amazing, so feel free to give them a shot.

Just keep in mind that, again, every trip is different. Nothing in this article is intended to be used as medical advice or scientific evidence.

Where to Buy Tidal Wave Shrooms

If you’re ready to try Tidal Waves for yourself, you can get them directly from our store. All you have to do is purchase a sticker, and you’ll get Tidal Waves as a free gift. Flower Avenue is the leading provider of safely sourced psilocybin magic mushrooms in DC, and you can rest assured that we’ve tested them ourselves for quality and consistency. Flower Ave is your number one resource for Initiatives 71 and 81 compliant cannabis and psychedelic gifts in DC. With local pickup and delivery, what are you waiting for?

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