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September Giveaway: Win a PAX 3 Vaporizer & An Ounce of Flower

Welcome back! We're here again to announce the winner of our August giveaway and give you the details of our September giveaway. Last month we gave away a $500 trippy pack full of shrooms, flower, and vape carts. But this month, we've got something we think you'll really enjoy. Here's everything you need to know.

Pax 3 vaporizer on purple space background with text that reads enter to win a pax 3 vape in Flower Ave September Giveaway

Another Round of Congratulations

Last month we saw a ton of entries for our Trippy Pack giveaway. It definitely picked up traction compared to the first giveaway we ran in July, which we think is super exciting. We'd like to thank each and every one of you for subscribing to our monthly newsletter and entering to win. Congratulations to this month's winner, V.N.!

If you didn't win last month, but you entered, we're excited to announce that we're now offering five bonus entries to everyone who's entered one of our previous giveaways. You can use the loyalty bonus on our entry form to give yourself a higher probability of winning just because you've played in the past.

There are also a few new ways to enter, including giving us some feedback through a brief survey, entering up to two secret codes (one comes from our newsletter, and one comes from our Instagram page), and of course, the loyalty bonuses.

We're excited about this month's giveaway, and we hope that you will be too! So without further ado, here's the scoop on our September giveaway.

September Giveaway: The Details

September is like the final month before all of the craziness at the end of the year. We have labor day this month, but right after this one, you're thrown into the chaos of Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts with the in-laws, shopping for holiday gifts, and attending Christmas parties.

Honestly, we're stressed just thinking about it, and we all need a break from that sometimes. The end of the year is go go go, and it's extremely chaotic. But that's where our September giveaway comes in. This month we're giving out a PAX 3 portable dual-use vaporizer, which is perfectly discreet for you to use on the go while you're doing all of those festive things or spending time with your less-than-cool family members. We're also giving away some Flower Ave swag, and an ounce of our top-shelf flower.

Meet the PAX 3

PAX 3 portable dual-use vaporizer kit

The PAX 3 is a small, portable vaporizer that can hold up to a half gram of flower or wax. It features an enhanced oven that slowly vaporizes your weed for maximum flavor, potency, and aroma, and never burns it. But more importantly, the thing heats up to four temperature settings in only 20 seconds, making it possible to vaporize all sorts of flower and concentrates to your liking.

It comes with a strong, powerful battery that can give you 8-10 sessions on a single charge, which is fantastic for all-day use. When the battery dies, you can throw it on the charger, and it'll be back in action in just a few hours. It's also crazy easy to use and clean, making it one of the best options out there for vaping flower or hash on the go. Plus, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. You can use (and love) the PAX 3 this holiday season and for many holiday seasons to come with proper maintenance.

The PAX 3 comes with everything below:

  • Flat Mouthpiece

  • Raised Mouthpiece

  • USB Charger

  • Maintenance Kit

  • Standard Oven Lid

  • Half-Pack Oven Lid

  • Concentrate Insert

  • Multi-Tool (Keychain)

  • 3 Oven Screens

Learn more about how it works:

What's Included in the September Giveaway Bundle?

cannabis flower macro image on a purple background with geometric pattern overlay

While the PAX 3 is the crown jewel of this month's giveaway, we're also including an ounce of our top-shelf flower for you to use with your new vaporizer and some Flower Ave apparel. Everything inside is valued at $500.

Inside you'll find:

  • An ounce of top-shelf flower

  • The PAX 3 Vaporizer and everything included with it

  • Some Flower Ave apparel

The giveaway will run from today until September 30th, so get in there and enter! On the 30th, a winner will be randomly selected, and we'll shoot them an email to coordinate pickup.

Giveaway Rules

A couple of things to know before you enter:

  1. You need to be 21 or older to enter and win. If you're not 21 or older, we can't gift you anything, and we'll have to discard your entry and draw a new name.

  2. You must be in Washington DC or able to pick up your prize in Washington DC. We are fully compliant with DC Initiatives 71 and 81, so we can't serve outside the DC metro area.

  3. You'll need a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

  4. Giveaway items can only be picked up. We don't offer delivery on giveaway items.

  5. You must have a valid 21+ ID upon pickup if you win.

  6. We will email you and ask you for a selfie with your photo ID to coordinate pickup. It helps if you add to your contacts list to make sure we don't end up in your spam folder!

How To Enter and Win

This month, there are eight ways to enter and win. You'll get a free entry if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, use our secret code, answer our poll, or comment on this blog post. You can also get free bonus entries when you check back and hit the daily bonus button. You can enter using the form below, or feel free to head to our giveaway page for more details. Best of luck, and have a great week!

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