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Product Review: KRT Vape

This week, we're excited to dive deeper into one of our favorite brands: KRT. KRT Vape is a fantastic, trustworthy company that offers products that we're proud to offer on our gift menu. If you've never tried KRT before, you can get to know the company and explore some of its products below.

Buy KRT Vape Cartridges in Washington DC

What is KRT Vape?

KRT Vape is a household name. The company was founded a few years back in an attempt to bring a more affordable vape to the masses that still stood up to more expensive brands in terms of quality and flavor. They were successful in their mission, and can be found in dispensaries and head shops as well as through I71-compliant gifting companies here in DC.

KRT utilizes innovative techniques that allow its master growers to push the envelope in strain development. They choose from cultivars known best for producing high-quality, cannabinoid-rich resins that make for more potent and flavorful vape carts. For example, they offer classic strains that wash well, like Sour Tangie and Pineapple Express, alongside more exotic varietals like Apple Slushie and Dragonberry.

What Products Do They Make?

Simply put, KRT vape makes vaporizer cartridges. Their design works with any vape pen or battery capable of interfacing with a 510-thread cartridge. Each cartridge is made with THC Distillate alongside cannabis-derived terpenes specific to each strain's terpene profile. With that said, you get the purity of the distillate and all of the flavor and potency of a full-spectrum cart.

They offer dozens of different strains in indica, sativa, and hybrid varietals. You can find a few of the best KRT vape flavors on our website, including strains like Starburst OG, Watermelon Ice, and North Star.

KRT Vape Product Review

KRT makes a fantastic budget vape that stands strong against competitors. In terms of flavor, there really isn't anything better in this price range. More importantly though, they have superior quality control. It's a very rare occurrence to come across a leaky or defective KRT vape cart, so you know you're getting your money's worth and then some. TLDR, our favorite things about KRT vapes are:

  • Affordability

  • Vapor quality

  • Flavor quality

  • Cultivation/Extraction practices

  • Variety of strains

Where to find KRT Vape Carts in Washington DC

You can find a huge assortment of KRT vape carts here at Flower Avenue. We source our selection directly from KRT, so you never have to worry about getting gifted a fake, leaky, cart or a cart cut with thinning agents that other companies may use to stretch their supply to turn a higher profit. Here at Flower Ave, we put people first. That's why we're proud to offer a selection of many different strains and flavor profiles to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Explore our KRT carts by visiting our store and placing an order online.

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