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October Giveaway: Puffco Cupsy Bundle

Happy Fall, y'all. We're excited to bring in the month of October with a fantastic new giveaway prize and announce the winners of our last one. This month we've got something we think you're really going to enjoy. Check it out:

To The Winners Go The Spoils

We had so many entries last month we couldn't believe it! To everyone who played this month, thank you so much. Congratulations are in order for our winner, K.W., who will be taking home our September giveaway grand prize: A PAX III dual-use vaporizer and an ounce of our top-shelf flower.

If you entered last month but didn't win, have no fear. We've implemented a loyalty bonus for 5 extra entries into this month's giveaway. Just head to the entry form and use your loyalty bonus for 5 extra entries to the raffle.

We're excited about this month's giveaway, and we hope that you will be too! So without further ado, here's the scoop on our October giveaway.

October Giveaway

Now that it's fall and the holiday season is rapidly approaching, finding ways to enjoy the green stuff discreetly is essential. We kept that in mind while we developed this month's giveaway.

This month, we're giving away a Puffco Cupsy, which is a bong that cleverly disguises itself as a coffee cup. You can carry yours with you practically everywhere you go without turning any heads, making it the perfect companion for enjoying weed in public (which you should never do— it's illegal).

Along with the Cupsy, we're giving out an ounce of our top shelf flower, assorted edibles, and some flower ave swag. This bundle is valued at ~$300, and you can get yours FREE when you enter to win. All in all, you get:

What is the Puffco Cupsy?

Cupsy is an ingenious design by the masterminds over at Puffco who brought you classics like the Puffco Peak e-rig.

The Cupsy is a water pipe that looks just like an ordinary coffee cup. The design looks so normal and unassuming that it can go with you everywhere.

Under the hood is a high-performance bubbler system and a ceramic bowl that tucks down into a hidden storage compartment for discretion. The cup itself is made with stainless steel that makes for pure, filtered hits.

It's insanely easy to use, too. Just fill it with water, pack the bowl, and send it. Since it doesn't come with any moving or electric parts, it's easy to take places and remains highly durable.

If you take your herb to coffee shops, mountain tops, or anywhere else on the go, Cupsy is the perfect travel companion for all of your smoke needs.

How to Enter and Win

This month, there are eight ways to enter and win. You'll get a free entry if you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, use our secret code, answer our poll, or comment on this blog post. You can also get free bonus entries when you check back and hit the daily bonus button. You can enter using the form below, or feel free to head to our giveaway page for more details. Best of luck, and have a great week!

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